Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
― ― Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island
hawkcalledbright: I enjoy your photos. Beautiful, tasteful, sexy.

Why thank you kind sir :)

Brand New is my fail-safe.

Especially good for me lately,

as they are a fitting soundtrack for my first life crisis.

thatguygil: You're a really cool lady & I'm glad to know you. (:

Well, you’re a really rad gent & I am glad to know you! 

Anxiety is the dizziness in freedom. And I guess, you realize that you can’t suffer if you don’t have a soul. But is it better to have a soul and suffer or not have a soul?
― Julian Shnabel
tylerdurdenjr: Wow, great mix...i'm Irish lol, really cool.

=P Woohoo! Love my Irish heritage. I actually didn’t know I was Irish until I was a teenager. As a child I desperately wanted to be Irish… little did I know. 

tylerdurdenjr: What Ethnicity are you, if you don't mind? :))

Half Chinese and the other half is a blend of French, Danish, Spanish, Irish, Scottish, English and German…. and likely other forms of European. More seem to reveal themselves as time goes by.

In Hawai’i I would be called Hapa, in the mainland I believe the term is Eurasian. 

reddogroams: Hi there! I really enjoy your work and love how it and your writing oozes with positivity. Cheers for the follow, as well. Perhaps our paths will cross in the small city of salt. -jlh

Thank you! I hope they do :)

Anonymous: Julia, you are so adorable. Like Awwww :D

Oh garsh .^_^. thank you much, lovely.

joshhaynesphotos: I cannot remember if I spoke of this to you before, but you should create a zine consisting of your photographs and poetry. It would be such a great source of inspiration to have.

I would love to create a publication. Right now I am working on my RAWartists showcase but then, who knows! Maybe a zine will be in order ;) 

dken9: You are physically small, yet you radiate so much life, light, and energy! My question is: how where you able to gain the powers of an atom? - E=mc (squared)

Haha well thank you. 

My answer? Because I am made of them.